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Burgon and Ball Gardening Tools

This good looking, hard working and extensive range of stainless steel hand tools gives the gardener innovative and traditional solutions to a huge variety of gardening tasks. All the tools in this Burgon & Ball Central range are beautifully designed, weighted and packaged making them a highly desirable tool to own. Experience over the last few years has shown many gardeners keep coming back to add to their collection from this range.

Burgon and Ball Asparagus Harvesting Knife
The Burgon and Ball Asparagus Harvesting Knife is a unique tool combining the two most popular methods of cutting asparagus: a serrated blade saws through the stem under the surface of the soil or a sharpened tip slices through the spear under the soil. Forged from high carbon steel for durability and edge retention, with hardwood handle and leather hanging rope. Supplied with blade protection sleeve. 5/8" x 7" x 12.5" overall.