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Gardener's Hand & Nail Brush M-176 Garden Scoops from Bosmere K120 P-33 3 inch Lawn Sickle
3" Lawn Sickle P-33
Our Price: $6.95
True Grit Abrasive Soap Paste - Grit Deadheads Mini-Snips P870 Stainless Steel Widger
Deadheads Mini-Snips
Our Price: $6.95
Terrebonne Straight Shear TBL803 Releasable Bulb Planter 8050 Vegetable Brush M-168
Vegetable Brush M-168
Our Price: $8.24
Gardener's All Purpose Hand Brush M-40-SL Gardener's Long Handled Flat Brush M-19-S Terrebonne Colored Steel Trowels
Terrebonne Stainless Straight Shear TBL803-S G000133G Holland Hand Weeder NJP120 Nisaku Stainless Steel Precision Weeder
Small Hand Rake 4450 P-30 Serrated Blade Japanese Sickle Ko Gama Hoe 902
Small Hand Rake 4450
Our Price: $9.95
Ko Gama Hoe 902
Our Price: $9.95
Small Soil Rake 0714 Bonsai & Flower Scissors 1810 Mini Moisture Tester
Small Soil Rake 0714
Our Price: $9.95
1810 Mini Moisture Tester
Our Price: $10.00
Childrens Garden Trowel Adjustable Hand Rake - #8 2110BL Leaf Grabs
Adjustable Hand Rake - #8
Our Price: $10.57
2110BL Leaf Grabs
Our Price: $10.95
428-Suncraft Fruit Knife F-919 Felco Belt Holster F-912 Felco Pocket Holster with Clip
428-Suncraft Fruit Knife
Our Price: $10.97
F-919 Felco Belt Holster
Our Price: $11.00
Swiss Style Pruner 6811 Multi-Sharpener F-990 Felco Grease
Swiss Style Pruner 6206
Our Price: $11.95
6811 Multi-Sharpener
Our Price: $11.95
F-990 Felco Grease
Our Price: $11.95

Garden Hand Tools

Order from our complete collection of high quality garden hand tools, Your home garden will benefit from always having the right Garden Tool for the job at hand. We have small garden hand tools for virtually any application - home flower gardens, fruit and vegetable garden hand tools, Japanese Garden Hand Tools, Commercial Nursery Garden Hand Tools, Farming Hand Tools, long handled garden hand tools - you name the garden tool, we have it! Read our gardening hand tools tutorials or watch our gardening videos and learn what you may not know about maximizing the use of your Garden Hand Tools.

Garden Hand Tools Wholesale - Our entire line of Garden Hand Tools are available for wholesale buyers. Call our Garden Hand Tool Warehouse at 1-800-825-5969 and set up a wholesale account today. We have a garden hand tool wholesale website where buyers can complete any order, large or small, to offer our garden hand tools for sale by your business!
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